TGS 80 Torch

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The Walther TGS 80 light, a member of the Tactical Guard Series, produces a beam of 700 lumens with its CR123 batteries. It has an IPX 8 waterproof rating to 15m. The TGS 80 features two brightness settings (100 and 10 percent plus Tactical Defense Strobe) which ensures ease of use.

The TGS 80 has a dual switch on the rear face which allows separate activation of the functions.

The Multi Battery System (MBS) gives users a choice between powerful CR123 batteries or rechargeable ICR18650 lithium-ion batteries.

194mm length, 305g


  • 2X CR123 Lithium 3.0V battery
  • Lanyard

ANSI FL1 Standard - Technical Data

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published in 2009 the "Flashlight Basic Performance Standard", FL1 for short. So you can compare flashlights across manufacturer boundaries neutral. This lamp has been tested to stringent ANSI specifications.